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Our Software Project – 2023

Our software team is developing a machine learning method that addresses polypharmacy by screening drug interactions and identifying novel combinations, incorporating chemical structure for deployment as a user-friendly solution.


Our machine-learning Method can be used by Pharma companies screening for drug-drug interactions during drug development, Clinician-researchers searching for novel drug-drug combinations, and Hospital Management Software for alerting physicians to potential drug-drug interactions.
We are also incorporating it into REPO4EU Project.


Polypharmacy is recognized as an increasingly serious problem in the healthcare system affecting nearly 15% of the U.S. population (Kantor et al., 2015) and costs >$177 billion a year in the U.S. in treating polypharmacy side effects
(Ernst and Grizzle, 2001).


We learn how to use chemical structure using a language model and use a Convolutional model incorporating two chemical structure language models (one for each drug). We will update the training dataset experiment with hyperparameters, architecture, etc., and deploy it as a user-friendly website, python library, and API.


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