A joint team by the Technical University of Munich and the Ludwig-Maximillians-University Munich.

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What is iGEM?

The international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition is the biggest student competition in synthetic biology in the world and 350 multidisciplinary teams from 42 countries participated last year in iGEM 2021.

All iGEM teams tackle the big challenges of our time by creating, improving and applying genetically engineered systems. An important part of all iGEM projects is Human Practices, as students are trying to incorporate ethics, sustainability, social justice and education into their projects. They convey information about synthetic biology and their projects to the general public through fairs, social media, newspapers, radio and television. Teams of students are supported by two academic instructors in order to participate.

Brainstorming of project ideas and fundraising are the first steps of every iGEM project. Following that, iGEMers intensively work on their project from April to October. This season culminates in the Giant Jamboree in Paris, where all the teams meet to present their projects.

About us

Our team combines everyone’s individual strength, their interests and experience perfectly to apply them to the diversity of our agenda.

As an international team we communicate in the main scientific language – English. The diversity of our team extends beyond variety in language and culture. One example is everyone’s field of study. Most members scientific backgrounds are biology, biochemistry and molecular biotechnology but there are also students of bioinformatics and electrical engineering.

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