In remembrance of Paul the Octopus , who gained global fame for predicting the outcome of matches during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we here present a preview of our Oracoli - the worlds smallest football oracle. In the featured video two populations (teams) of E. coli bacteria are growing in a microfluidic chamber (the pitch), competing for space and nutrients. Eventually, one population takes over and becomes the winner of the Oracoli. The featured video represents our first 'shot' at predicting the Champions League semifinal return match between Real Madrid (white) and FC Bayern Munich (red).
According to this prediction, Bayern Munich will be very dominant with almost every player on the opponents side of the field. Ronaldo (the white one in front) does not get closer to the goal, which is covered almost completely by the red goalkeeper (Ulreich) anyways, and therefore surrenders soon. Ramos in the defense tries to compensate the loss by dividing, but the red attackers are overwhelming. He then fouls Ribery on the left wing and gets a red card. Clear win for Bayern.

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