Eppendorf – Liquid Handling Workshop: Basics of pipetting

Gary Kusdian from Eppendorf will introduce you into the world of Eppendorf pipettes. Topics he will talk about during his workshop are dosing systems at a glance, operating principles and dosing techniques as well as factors influencing correct pipetting results. For those of you who are spending most of their time in the lab and who wish to minimize their pipetting bias: this is the workshop you should take!

Abcam – Antibodies: versatile tools for research

Janina Burkhardt and Tanja Büsgen will come all the way from Cambridge to give a workshop about antibodies, the field in which Abcam is one of the market leaders. They will give you an insight into the world of antibodies and on how and where to use them in research. This workshop is perfect for all those who already worked with antibodies or wish to do it in the future. You will learn a lot about the correct applications and what to pay attention to when using them!

iGEM Munich – Soft skills:

We proudly present our own workshop: our team members will give a soft skills-workshop we prepared with a real expert in this field: Svenja Freund from ProLehre. This workshop is ideal for those of you who want to improve their presentation skills. You will learn a lot about yourself and how you can improve your techniques. This is a non-lab workshop so everyone who is interested is welcome!
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