How to get there with public transport?

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In order to ensure overall transport accessibility, all the proposed hostels are situated in close vicinity of Munich's main station. To reach the iGEM Alpine Meetup, you should go to the closest metro entrance, called Hauptbahnhof, and jump on U2 (Messestadt Ost), U1 (Mangfallplatz) or U8 (Neuperlach Zentrum). Depart right on the next station (Sendlinger Tor) and switch to U6 (Klinikum Grosshadern). Exit the metro on the last station and take a bus number 266 to Planegg. Get off the bus at the station called LMU Martinsried. From there, BMC or Biomedical Centre Munich, is only a 2 min walk away! If you want to get some fresh air, you can also take a 10 min walk from the metro station to the destination, starting on a gravel road just behind the metro station. Walk straight until you reach a car road, where you take a right. There, you will see a bus station and the LMU Biocampus on your left! Follow the signs to reach the destination. The whole trip takes about 40 min, since the Biocampus of the LMU is located a bit outside of Munich. The Meetup takes place in the second floor of Building N.

Which ticket should we buy?

If you are a group the 3-days group ticket will be the best choice. It is 29.60 € for 5 persons for 3 days and you can use U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus and tram in the inner circle. The BMC is in the inner circle. Don’t forget to validate your ticket! EventMap MVGMap
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