This year we want to represent the Technical University of Munich and the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich by showcasing our scientific excellence once again. Applying revolulutionary methods and innovative thinking to our project, we want to produce good science while spreading the iGEM spirit.

We are now taking our first steps as a team during this long journey full of responsibilities and challenges. Together with our supervisors we have weekly meetings to coordinate upcoming tasks and discuss the progress of our project. This way, we manage to solve multiple challenges at once.

With our project we want to incorporate sustainability and innovation into our idea of a better world. We aim to not only visit science fairs but involve the general public to evolve our idea further. For this we want to present our project and its application to students of high schools as well as involving radio, TV and newspaper advertisement.

Synthetic Biology is a technique that is rapidly changing science and its applications are of great relevant for the future. Hence, our mission is to provide insight into synthetic biology for everyone!

We are full of ideas!

Striving to follow the footsteps of past years’ teams, we want to be original and ingenious. Our keys to success:

innovation | applicability | feasibility | relevance

We would love to host you in our lab in Munich to tell you more about us and our project!

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