European iGEM Meetup 2018

20th - 22nd  July 2018, Munich

We want to thank all of you for joining us in Munich and making this an unforgettable weekend! We hope you enjoyed all the scientific talks and started some collaborations with the teams that were present. Last but not least we hope you had fun, made new friends and visited our city as well!

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Muenchen European Meetup Timetable


Our first day started with presentations from our PI’s. The topics range from the area of bionanotechnology and the physics behind synthetic biology to how bioengineering can be applied to neuroscientific models of neuropsychiatric diseases. Moreover, iGEMers had the opportunity to get in touch with industry representatives about future internships and jobs; for example, DNA Biosolutions and Promega. At the end of the day, we offered sight-seeing tour through Munich and joined the night life together.

Friedrich Simmel (Technische Universität München)
Kirsten Jung (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
Gil Westmeyer (Helmholtz Zentrum München)
On Saturday, leading international scientists from the field of Synthetic Biology gave talks about the most relevant topics of synbio. We had a poster session, where all iGEM teams presented their project and had the opportunity to share their ideas with other teams. In the afternoon we had a workshop session – on topics in and outside of Synthetic Biology and Science. These workshops were offered by teams as well as individuals. More info: Utrecht, iGEM Copenhagen, RIVM, Helsinki, Verena Eirener, Sven Klumpe, iGEM Munich

Michael Hecht (Princeton University)
Kathrin Lang (Technische Universität München)
On Sunday we had two more scientific talks and Randy Rettberg giving a short message to the attending teams. We awarded a price to the best poster and presented a wrap-up movie. Then it was time to say goodbye and get back to the labs.

James Murray (Imperial College London)
Pamela Silver (Harvard Medical School)
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