• First Runner-up
  • Best Manufacturing
  • Best Wiki
  • Best Presentation
  • Best Entrepreneurship
  • Best Software
  • Nominated for Best Integreated Human Practices
  • Nominated for Best Poster

Team of Phactory


Antimicrobial resistance is a major emerging threat as reported by the WHO. Worldwide implementation of bacteriophage therapy, a 100-year old treatment employing the natural enemies of bacteria, is impeded by the lack of common manufacturing procedures which meet international quality and safety standards. Based on synthetic biology we created Phactory, a cell-free molecular assembly line for bacteriophages. We demonstrate expression of several phages including T7, MS2 and 3S at clinically relevant concentrations. Exploiting the open nature of cell-free systems, Phactory enables modular composition of bacteriophages with engineered proteins while remaining GMO-free. We developed a quality control structure utilizing state-of-the-art bioinformatics, as well as purification and encapsulation protocols. To expand our production variety while reducing cost, we optimized and engineered home-made E. Coli cell-extract. Compared to traditional manufacturing procedures, Phactory requires 2.5% of the production volume and demands no special biosafety regulations to yield bacteriophages ready for therapy.

Again the iGEM team hosted at the lab of Professor Simmel in Garching continued to show the excellence of our universities by winning first Runner-up in the Overgraduate Segment.

visit their page for more information: Team TUM/LMU Munich 2018

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